skin too thin

Helloooooooo! Just feeling the need to express something that’s on my mind: I was going around the ‘net today making sure my businesses were properly linked in the major search engines, etc. when I came across my web design business listing on Yahoo! local. I added that listing quite a while ago, and hadn’t been back to look at it for some time.
I saw that I had a rating of one star, and my mood plummeted dangerously low instantly as if my dog were just run over in front of my eyes. I’ve never worked with anyone that wasn’t satisfied that I know of, so I can’t imagine who would have rated me one star? Unless it was just some random bored person that decided to give me one star because they didn’t like the business name or something……….
I wish rating systems on sites like that weren’t so anonymous so that any Joe-schmoe can click away and ruin a good person’s reputation. I really can’t imagine anyone that knows me or has worked with me would have done that.
I really need to work on having more of a “thick skin”. I’ve always been over-sensitive to things like this. People say that anyone in a creative sort of industry should have a thick skin, and take criticism with a grain of salt; that’s one trait I’m lacking. I just wish I knew who did it, and why? Oh well……….moving on now……….. :)
So, how’s your day?


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