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I wish I could re-train my mind to work like a child’s. I dabble with web and graphic design, but I’ve never taken the time to learn Flash. I’ve opened the program before, and almost immediately decided that I wouldn’t “get it” without devoting tons of time to it. So I closed it and moved on. I don’t need to use Flash to produce a web site.

I have an 11 year old daughter who loves to use the computer. She has her own WordPress based web site that I set up for her, and she’s quite proud of. I helped her customize the theme. I’ve taught her some basic HTML coding and graphic design in the past. She’s interested in learning more, and I figure it wouldn’t hurt for her to have those skills under her belt, so I installed Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash on her computer so she could mess around with them.
That same day, she already had Flash worked out, and had created a stop motion video in it!

What is it about our minds that changes as we get older? It’s not that we loose the desire or ability to learn new things. We don’t loose intelligence. So why is it that I can’t even stand the thought of opening Flash and trying to figure it out, while my young daughter pretty much attacked it and made it hers?

Is it our past failures, and not wanting to have that feeling again that stops us from trying? While a child that’s never really had any major failures or setbacks simply believes that they can do anything? Thus their quest for knowledge isn’t tainted by thoughts like “I don’t know why I’m trying this; I’ll just mess it up,etc….”. They just believe they can do it, and they do it.

Wow, I’m really butchering this post. I’m horrible at expressing my thoughts. It’s perfect in my head; a jumbled mess of random thoughts in text form…. But hopefully someone gets what I’m trying to say.


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