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  • Independent Scentsy Consultant – Lewiston, ME

    Hello! It’s been a while since I updated. I just thought I’d mention that I’m an Independent Scentsy Consultant! You can shop on my Scentsy web site here: It would be much appreciated!

  • every ending is a new beginning

    It’s about that time of year again; the end of summer is approaching fast.  It seems that the older I get, the faster time flies.  It seems like summer just started a week ago to me, yet it’s almost over.  I always get melancholy, and a little sad this time of year through September.  Summer […]

  • tornado warning/watch in Maine!

    We are currently under a tornado watch here in Maine!  For this state, this is extremely rare.  I can’t ever remember it happening before (though I’m sure it’s happened once or twice) in my lifetime.  Wierd, wacky stuff!

  • flamingo birthday cake

    My birthday is coming up, and my family had an early celebration for me (and others) yesterday.  Guess what the cake was?!  A pink flamingo!!!!  They made it especially for me.  It was so cool! I also got a hand-made flamingo tote bag, pillow, and bird house, all of which I love!  Plus, a beautiful, […]

  • Why don’t more people use Freecycle?

    It’s time around these parts for the annual large item city garbage pick-up.  People set out their bulky “trash” by the road (such as furniture, TV’s, etc.), and the city comes and picks it up and disposes of it.  Most of the stuff, if not all, just ends up being dumped in a landfill somewhere […]

  • Ubuntu 8.04 available!

    Well, I did end up switching from Windows to Ubuntu a few weeks ago, and I don’t miss Windows at all in short. The new version of Ubuntu (8.04) has just been released today. You can get it here. Their site is really bogged down right now with everyone downloading and all. You can help […]

  • 2008 Best Music Poll

    Hello! The Phoenix is holding their annual best music poll, and my pals Covered In Bees are nominated in four categories: -best album -best live act -best punk act -best local act You should go vote for them now! If you’ve never heard them, you can check out some of their tunes on MySpace……..and then […]

  • the ’80’s return?

    Yesterday I happened to be walking around a mall looking at clothes, which is something extremely rare for me. I made a horrifying discovery; apparently 1980’s fashions are back “in” right now! I’d heard some rumours that ’80’s stuff was in style again, but didn’t realize the extent of it until my trip into the […]

  • Sometimes

    I wonder why I bother?

  • Linux vs. Windows

    So, I’ve been thinking about switching from using a Windows OS to a Linux OS for a while now. Like most “computer nerds”, I’ve never been overly impressed with Windows. For such an expensive, closed source thing, it’s sure buggy and bloated. Plus, there’s the whole evil corporation with a monopoly on the industry thing […]