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  • Guess what??

    I’m engaged!!!! 😀 That is all.

  • police package Charger

    I just saw that there’s a police package Dodge Charger! I didn’t realize this. I’ll take one! In addition to a Challenger of course. Police package cars are fun. I have a ’98 Crown Vic currently.

  • I want a 2008 Dodge Challenger

    I don’t think I’ve ever posted about this (haven’t really posted about much at all), but the original Dodge Challenger has been my dream car for years and years. One of my uncles restores classic cars, and one day when I was 15 or so his family came to visit. They rolled into the driveway […]

  • Covered In Bees available on iTunes, I don’t like snow

    I just saw that Covered In Bees’ first album, Portland Death Punk Vol. #1 is now available on iTunes. If you’re a punk, metal, alternative, etc. music fan, you should go download this NOW! You have no excuses! You don’t need to come to Maine to buy their CD at Bullmoose, it’s right there for […]

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hello! Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone. It seems like it should still be summer. It snowed here a couple days ago, which I must say I wasn’t overly happy about. Snow is pretty when it’s falling, but once it starts staying on the ground it’s just depressing because it turns into an ugly […]

  • who wants some AVON?

    Hello! I’m selling AVON again. Just can’t seem to keep away from them! If you want to buy some, or you know anyone that might, please direct them to I’d really appreciate it. Don’t forget about my boutique, either. 😉 It’s still a work in progress, but I should have some more cute stuff […]

  • HPF boutique open!

    Hello! Does anyone come here? I sort of feel like I’m just talking (or typing) to myself. Not that I’ve written anything profound that would make people want to visit hehe. Well, I’ve officially opened the Hot Pink Flamingo boutique at The selection is currently pretty limited, but I should be adding lots more […]

  • I quit smoking! For real! It’s been more than 2 days!

    Just wanted to brag a little bit – I’ve quit smoking! I didn’t write down the exact day I stopped, but it’s been about a month now I think! I cheated once or twice a day the first few days, but nothing after that! I still crave them just about daily at one point or […]

  • Hot Pink Flamingo eBay store

    I’ve decided to open an online boutique again (in addition to my web design business). I’m going to be selling jewelry, clothing, makeup, shoes, and accessories, etc. At least, that’s what I plan to sell. If I can just make up my mind and stick to it, I may just make some progress. I’m starting […]