the ’80’s return?

Yesterday I happened to be walking around a mall looking at clothes, which is something extremely rare for me. I made a horrifying discovery; apparently 1980’s fashions are back “in” right now! I’d heard some rumours that ’80’s stuff was in style again, but didn’t realize the extent of it until my trip into the seventh circle of hell yesterday.

It’s everywhere! How long has this been going on?! I went into one ladies’ clothing store, and had trouble finding non-1980’s influenced clothing! I’m not talking about the awesome punkish early Madonna black lace ’80’s look. I could deal with that coming back. What I’m talking about is the everyday people with horrible fashion sense ’80’s look – ginormous bright yellow colored plastic earrings, shirts in hideous patterns with huge tacky plastic belt buckles and buttons on them. Dear God! I almost expected to find some triangle curling irons!

That style lost it’s cool for a reason people; it sucked. I’m almost glad I’m a recluse now. I might have never known about this disturbing trend had I not gone to the mall yesterday. I may never leave the house again.
I’m all for marching to the beat of your own drum but if you must follow “trends”, please pick a different one. Think of the children.


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