Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello! Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone. It seems like it should still be summer. It snowed here a couple days ago, which I must say I wasn’t overly happy about. Snow is pretty when it’s falling, but once it starts staying on the ground it’s just depressing because it turns into an ugly slushy mess, and it inhibits travel, etc. OK, enough whining about that.

I’m feeling slightly craptacular today because it’s “black Friday”, and there’s hardly anything in my Hot Pink Flamingo boutique for people to buy. I had hoped by this time to have had a good amount of stock in the boutique, and the holiday shopping season would really help to jump start things. I guess it’s not too late, though.

The web design business has picked up some, so I’m really happy about that. If you know anyone that could use those services, pleeeease refer them to me. I’ll be your best friend!

Well, enough messing around, it’s time for me to face the day and get something accomplished. I’m having a heck of a time getting motivated to do anything today! Maybe I’ll go get another cup of coffee……



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