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  • I got a free Motorola Q 9 from a survey site! Not kidding…

    As you may or may not know, I work from home as a freelance web and graphic designer, online boutique owner, auction seller, etc.  I, like many others, have also been lured into the potentially shady, waste of your time world of paid (or not-so) online surveys.  There are times when my regular work is […]

  • Today

    is best friend day.  :/ And, it’s also the first day of July, which is one of my favorite months!  Mainly because my birthday, and my sisters’ birthdays are this month.  But also just because it’s summer, and I LOVE summer!  Yay!

  • young mind

    I wish I could re-train my mind to work like a child’s. I dabble with web and graphic design, but I’ve never taken the time to learn Flash. I’ve opened the program before, and almost immediately decided that I wouldn’t “get it” without devoting tons of time to it. So I closed it and moved […]

  • skin too thin

    Helloooooooo! Just feeling the need to express something that’s on my mind: I was going around the ‘net today making sure my businesses were properly linked in the major search engines, etc. when I came across my web design business listing on Yahoo! local. I added that listing quite a while ago, and hadn’t been […]

  • HPF boutique open!

    Hello! Does anyone come here? I sort of feel like I’m just talking (or typing) to myself. Not that I’ve written anything profound that would make people want to visit hehe. Well, I’ve officially opened the Hot Pink Flamingo boutique at The selection is currently pretty limited, but I should be adding lots more […]

  • what do do?

    I’m debating over whether to use this domain just for my web design business again. I know it would make it more professional and “cleaner”, but I just don’t wanna!! Not that I have much on here right now, anyway…. Maybe I should make a subdomain for the personal stuff?